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What is IPTV

What is IPTVIPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV and is a relatively new technology for streaming TV channels. The streaming itself takes place over the internet and is received on smart devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets or smart TVs. The main difference to traditional TV subscriptions is that IPTV is generally illegal, as the broadcasters do not have the rights to the broadcast. In this article we will come back to the legal part, also remind you how you who still want IPTV channels can get them.

Why do people use IP TV channels?

The most common reason why Spaniards acquire IPTV channels is the price, as the illegal version is significantly cheaper than the legal counterpart. Normally, it costs you around 50 euros for a 12-month subscription to pirate TV, and the legal version costs around 10 times more per year. Other IPTV users also point to reach as a factor in why they got it.

What is included in a subscription?

IPTV subscriptions usually contain around 15,000 different TV channels and then you get channels from all corners of the world. The channel selection generally includes all sports channels, movie channels and series channels from all over the world. For you, it is of course very important that English TV channels are included, and they are. You can watch all live broadcasts of football leagues and other major leagues. In addition to the included TV channels, you also get all the streaming services you can think of, so you can cancel your Netflix subscriptions and much more.

What do you need for IPTV?

To begin with, we recommend that you first get a VPN service, so that you can use the IPTV service without the risk of getting caught. In addition, you need to buy an IPTV subscription, which you can learn more about here, where we have ranked the best ones on the market. After you buy it, you need to download an IPTV app like Safe IPTV Player, which works on your Android, iOS and smart TV. Once you download the app, you load all the channels you receive, and all you have to do is start watching TV channels.

Is IPTV legal in the UK?

No, IPTV services are illegal in the UK. For those of you who still choose to buy a subscription, there is a risk that you could receive millions in damages if you are caught for it. This is exactly why most people buy a VPN service like NordVPN to hide their traffic. It’s a cheap insurance for around 30 euros per year, which allows you to sleep well at night.

Has anyone been caught using IPTV?

Yes, in recent years a number of people have started getting arrested for using IPTV services. This is mainly because law enforcement agencies in Europe and the UK have started cracking down on those who sell these services. When they then attack an IPTV network, they usually grab their customer lists on those IPTV servers. So use a VPN and you won’t risk getting caught in the next police raid in Europe.

How to buy an IPTV subscription in the UK?

When you buy an IPTV subscription through services like Fiverr, you get an m3u code from the retailer. You need to paste this “code” link into your Safe IPTV Player app or into the app on your smart TV. Once you have done this, your application will download all the TV channels from the IPTV network servers and you can then start watching them. It is the same with all movies included in a subscription.

VOD movies are included in the package

VOD (Video On Demand) is a service that is always included in IPTV subscriptions. These catalogs usually vary a bit from service to service, but you typically get between 50,000 and 150,000 movies that you can always check out. These films do not cost anything extra to watch, but are basically included in the subscription. There is a wide range of English films, but also international films.